Mission IB Nautica Group


As a genuine services, sales, and yacht maintenance company, based on the needs of the customers, IB Náutica Group is fully capable of responding quickly and agile to practically all the preventive as well as corrective and maintenance requirements of yachts, mega yachts, catamarans, inflatables, etc.

IB Náutica Group is a family company, which guarantees the solidity and moral values of the company and is also a point of strength that makes the client feel at home and part of the family. A customer whose expectations are exceeded and who feels safe and confident when navigating.

Our mission as a company is to apply the knowledge acquired, thanks to years of experience, in the sale, maintenance and services for boats. This, in accordance with international standards, in order to offer our customers quality services and products that respect the environment and transmitting our culture and passion for «made in Italy». 

In addition to offering our staff the possibility of developing their professional skills. Said personnel has a high degree of experience and has been trained through training courses in important naval shipyards in Europe and the United States.